Custom Order Vinyl Tote Bag

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Most of my bags are one time makes.  I have tons of custom vinyls that will make beautiful bags! This listing is for a custom order tote bag that’s made just for you!! 

The bag in each listing photo are cut and waiting for assembly.

**You can shop these listings!  As the totes are assembled they will be moved to be an individual listing! 

Lining color will coordinate of the exterior bag.

This bag has a vinyl exterior and vinyl straps.  These are riveted on. 
The bag is lined with waterproof canvas.
There is a large zipper pocket inside. 

This bag is a slouchy tote. This means the vinyl will relax during use.  I like it because I can squish mine in my work locker or in the saddle bag and not worry about the bag getting ruined.  The straps are staged to stand upright for photos but like the bag they will relax during use.  


The straps are 3/4”-1” wide they have a 9” drop to the top of the bag. 
This tote is 3.5” deep and  “tall and  “wide.