Tumbler/Travel Mug

As a coffee addict I find myself collecting tumblers in all sizes. 


These are bulk ordered tumblers in assorted type and sizes. 

They are covered with glitter, decals, water slides or fabrics.


My tumblers are one of a kind and are priced by size and how they are decorated. 

Humidity and temperature have a lot to do with how these set. I take limited custom orders because I can’t guarantee Mother Nature will be on my side! 

*Please note:
I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to use with these cups. They are bulk ordered. All I do is decorate the exterior. Please be smart. If a liquid is hot be careful. Don’t burn yourself.


These are stainless tumblers. Keep in mind these are not dishwasher or microwave safe. These are hand wash only items. Extreme heat/cold may damage the epoxy.

Once these ship out you are responsible for their care. If you drop a tumbler the epoxy may crack.  This is not an issue on my end. It’s a result of it falling.