Choose Wisely Alcohol Ink 20oz Tumbler *DISCONTINUED

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*This is discounted because there are some air bubbles under the silver decal.

This listing is for a Star Wars inspired tumbler. This is a gray base and has blue, gray and white alcohol inks swirling around the background. This is so pretty.  There is a gray decal. The epoxy has a layer of holographic glitter in it. It’s my favorite to add!! 

The decal was purchased on Etsy and the cup is sealed with epoxy.  No glitter to shed or decal to peel off!

As stated in the main description I am not responsible for any injuries that occur with use of this cup. I bulk order tumblers and just decorate the exteriors. 
Once this arrives you are responsible for care for the cup.  These are stainless so no dishwasher or microwave. These are a hand wash only item. Do not soak in hot water or leave in the car with extreme temperatures. 

These tumblers are handmade.